“I’ve always thought of myself as a very conscious cook and eater, but I’ve grown to realize that eating well is only a fraction of the equation to healthy living. Exercise is another key component and something I haven’t always put at the top of my list. Working a full time job, taking care of my family as well as my mother who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease left me little time to pay the bills, never mind exercise!Desperate to restore my diminished energy levels, I signed up for one of Jana’s Zumba classes with some fellow co-workers hoping for a good laugh at the very least. I was pleasantly surprise by how rejuvenated I felt after one class and the amount of fun we had while working up a sweat.

It’s been 2 years since that first class and I’ve never looked back. Currently attending 3 sessions a week, I’m so thankful to have found a trainer like Jana Heath. She has a heart of gold and a sincere passion to see her clients reach their goals and beyond. From strength training to high intensity work outs, each training session is a new adventure. The wide variety of exercise keeps every workout challenging and fresh.

No matter how many clients she’s training at once, Jana always provides individual attention to everyone present…Never leaving anyone behind! She commits herself to knowing everyone’s personal strengths and weaknesses, and pushes each person to reach their maximum potential. Jana has driven me to try harder than I ever thought I could.

Even though my busy schedule has not slowed down, I finally feel like I have the energy to keep up with it. With lunch break and after work training sessions throughout the week, I’ve not only been able to loose inches and tone my body but I’ve gained an enthusiastic attitude toward exercise.

I feel honored to have Jana in my life not only as my trainer but also as my new friend!” – Deb O.

Jana is an excellent trainer. She will push you to work your hardest but will positive encouragement. She is careful toknow yourlimitations and
she gives good advice about how to supplement your working out with your
diet. It has helped me a great deal.”
  Janet M.


“Very high-intensity hour that targets functional strength and endurance through circuit training, interval, core, cardio and plyometrics- where you will surely move beyond previous limits. The combination andvariety of resistance and interval training lead to maximum post-workout calorie burn.  Another key to this session is that it is high-intensity, but designed without wear and tear, so you can sustain it and reach a new level of conditioning.   Very highly recommended.”

Joe. S