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15 Minute Full Body Workout

Hello! How’s that New Year’s Resolution going?

Maybe you’ve set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. Have you vowed to get to the gym every day, spending no less than 1 hour on the elliptical? Really? You thought THAT was going to happen?

Let’s back it up and come up with a more realistic goal.

Why not commit to exercise TODAY for 15 minutes. You can do it right at home.

Today, try this workout once for 15 minutes or 2-3 times for a longer one. Then set a goal to DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW.

Take it one day at a time.

2018 New Year’s Resolution Ideas Beyond Diet and Exercise.

2018 New Year’s Resolution Ideas Beyond Diet and Exercise.

Happy New Year! Resolution time is here. This year go beyond “I want to lose weight and get in shape.” Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time specific (aka SMART) goals. Here are some ideas you might want to consider.Read More

January Jump Start Week 2!

January Jump Start Week 2!

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