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March Muscle Madness 30 Day Challenge!

Take this 30 day challenge to build lean muscle and burn fat

2 minutes every day…

Add these exercises into your routine or use them as a starting point. Use this calendar to hold you accountable. Challenge your friends, family, coworkers

Grab the Calendar HERE

Grab the Tutorial HERE

Love Handle Lift – February Fitness Challenge

If the holidays left you with a spare tire, try my challenge this month. It is sure to give those love handles a lift!

Grab the calendar HERE.

And the Tutorial HERE.

Live Well.

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The BEST Diet for 2018

The BEST Diet for 2018

I don’t like using the word diet as a verb. The word diet simply refers to what you eat in general. As in I suggest you add more vegetables into your diet. That being said, I am no dummy. I know some of you are going to do it.

So what is the BEST diet for you in 2018?Read More