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Back to School Buns Challenge

This month’s challenge let’s tone the tush. Those glutes are largest muscle group in your body. When they are weak, the result is often back pain and piriformis issues (pain that will mimic sciatica).

If you’ve got a resistance band, grab it for an extra challenge.

Grab the Calendar HERE

Print the Tutorial HERE

View the Demonstration:

March Muscle Madness 30 Day Challenge!

Take this 30 day challenge to build lean muscle and burn fat

2 minutes every day…

Add these exercises into your routine or use them as a starting point. Use this calendar to hold you accountable. Challenge your friends, family, coworkers

Grab the Calendar HERE

Grab the Tutorial HERE

Love Handle Lift – February Fitness Challenge

If the holidays left you with a spare tire, try my challenge this month. It is sure to give those love handles a lift!

Grab the calendar HERE.

And the Tutorial HERE.

Live Well.

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