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A quick food prep for Breakfast and Lunch

A quick food prep for Breakfast and Lunch

eat wellYou are trying to stay on track but you are busy. Here are some ideas on how to prep yourself for easy healthy eating throughout the week.Read More

Longer doesn’t equal Better

Think you have to spend hours at the gym to get results?Read More

If you want a 6 pack…

don’t waste your time doing crunches. Read More

New Year, Same You.

Let’s not get crazy here.Read More

Step It Up

Step It Up

No matter where you are, there has got to be a step available to use. Read More

Bonding in our Sisterly Way

Here I am visiting my family and my sister and I decide it is time for a workout. The only piece of equipment we had was a timer. Read More

Quick Tip: Maintain during the holidays

The holiday season is not necessarily the right time to worry about weight loss. However, it is also not the time to throw in the towel.Read More

When life gives you lemons…

Yes a cliche but hey. you get the point. Don’t let the stress of the holidays turn you sour. So many of my clients have every intention of getting their workouts in but then something comes up and it doesn’t happen. Do not let that add to your stress. Focus on the positive things youRead More

Put Your Treats Out of Reach

This may sound simple.Read More

Disguise Your Exercise

Disguise Your Exercise

Exercise doesn’t have to be a total drag. Read More