Core Is More

Core Is More

When I say “core” you likely think of the ever desirable 6 pack. But the core is made of up many more muscles than your abdominals. Core training isn’t meant to get you the ever desirable 6 pack. It is meant to give you strength, stability, improved posture and reduce back pain.

The many muscles that make up your core include the muscles that make up the abdominals, glutes, back, hips and hamstrings. Clearly crunches won’t target all of those so if you are doing 100 crunches a day, STOP. Try some of these exercises instead.

Can be done with your feet on the floor or an elevated object. Lift your hips up and down in a slow, controlled motion.
Side Planks
Balance on your forearm and bottom foot or place your knee down to modify.
Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend knees, careful not to go below 90 degrees.
Russian Twist
Sit tall and lean back with core engaged. Twist to one side while leaning back a little bit. Slowly twist to the other side.
Balance on your forearms and toes with a flat back. Place your knees down to modify.

Begin with these exercises and check back for more!

This is truly about becoming strong, balanced and able to live without chronic pain. Can you achieve a sleek, 6 pack. Maybe (with a strict diet!) But more importantly you CAN get stronger and more stable as you live your best life!

Live well.

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