Best Way to Burn Belly Fat

Best Way to Burn Belly Fat

Cardio or Weights?

If you want to burn belly fat, it is frustrating in that it doesn’t happen quickly. You also can’t spot train or control where you lose it from. Healthy eating is imperative of course. But there are workouts that will help you reach your goals faster.

Cardio Is Not the Best Way

Hours on the treadmill will not give you the fastest results when trying to lose that stubborn belly fat. According to the experts, resistance training especially in HIIT style is your best bet. This means performing intervals of exercises that strengthen specific body parts, with little to no rest between the exercises.

Why Is HIIT Better?

Why is HIIT more effective? It’s all about building muscle. The fast pace of the workout will get your heart rate up and unlike steady-state cardio, the resistance training will engage and build muscle. Muscle will help you burn body fat and lean out your physique.

It is worth noting that cardio can actually break down muscle if you do too much of it without proper fuel.

So if losing belly fat is your goal, add HIIT training to your routine. Start with 10- 20 minutes and build from there. You may include body weight exercises, weights, resistance bands, stability balls, BOSUs, steps, etc. Try one of my FREE workouts to get you started!

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