Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

Avoiding Weekend Weight Gain

I hear it constantly. “I am good all week but the weekends kill me”. I’m going to share a few simple ways you can keep yourself in check and still enjoy your weekend.

Try these tips to avoid ruining the progress you’ve made during the week.

Happy Hour

  • Skip dessert drinks
    • Stick to things like vodka + soda + lemon or lime (a *splash* of juice if needed)
    • Limit yourself to 1-2 drinks
  • Upgrade your Apps
    • Rather than ordering fried foods like chicken fingers or wings choose chicken satay or shrimp cocktail.
    • Instead of cheesy dips choose salsa or guac
      • Order veggies instead of chips
    • Avoid digging into the free chip bowls because you’re hungry by ordering a broth based soup, small salad or one of the other items I mentioned above.

Running Errands/Shopping

  • Avoid the mall temptations of Cinnabon or pretzel places.
    • Never leave home without a SNACK. Some healthier snack options are:
      • a low sugar pre-packaged protein bar under 200 calories
      • piece of fruit
      • string cheese
      • portioned out nuts
    • You can make healthy meal choices in the food court.
      • black bean or grilled chicken tacos with veggies (or even better- salad bowl)
      • lean grilled protein with steamed veggies and rice
      • choose sashimi or light rolls rather than tempura or rolls full of spicy mayo
      • choose water (bring your own water bottle with you as you shop)
      • Steer clear of the fruit smoothie counter as those are just sugar bombs in disguise

Going to the Movies

  • BYO- Bring your own!
    • Movie Theater Popcorn, candy and sodas can set you back over 1,000 calories and they are seriously loaded with sodium.
      • Stash your own homemade popcorn in your purse.
      • Bring a portioned out bag of skinny pop or something similar
      • If you must, share a small popcorn with your date but skip the soda
      • Don’t forget your water!

Dining Out with Friends/Date

  • Be mindful of how your dish is prepared
    • Avoid dishes described as creamy, crunchy, crispy, batter-dipped, or sautéed.
    • Choose dishes that are described as steamed, grilled, broiled, baked, braised or cooked in broth.
  • Order a small salad or broth based soup rather than a calorie-bomb appetizer
  • Say NO to the bread bowl or chips
  • Enjoy the company you are with. Take your time. Eat slowly and stop when you are full. Ask for a to go bag rather than over-eating.
  • It is very easy to customize dishes so just ASK for adjustments to make your meal healthier.
  • Again, the alcohol. Limit and choose lighter options as discussed above.


  • If you are super hungry before you go, eat a small piece of fruit or yogurt to avoid digging into the muffin basket.
  • Skip the unlimited drink option.
    • If you plan to have a cocktail, have ONE.
    • Rather than carb heavy pancakes, waffles and french toast, choose a build your own omelet loaded with veggies.
      • Choose to add avocado rather than cheese. If you do add cheese ask them to keep it light.
      • Eggs benedict is also a good choice, just ask for the hollandaise sauce on the side.
    • Swap your toast for fruit.

Netflix and Chill

  • It is OK to be a little lazy on Sunday but make a plan to move
    • Take a walk or go for a hike with a friend rather than meeting for a meal.
    • Play outdoors with your kids.
    • A bike ride on an unfamiliar trail can be a nice way to see new sights.
    • Pop in a workout dvd or one of my YouTube videos and sweat out some stress
    • Go to a Yoga class (or other fitness class) and stretch through the stress that’s built up during the week.

Live Well.

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