Have Back Pain? Stop Doing Sit Ups!

Have Back Pain? Stop Doing Sit Ups!

Have Back Pain? Stop Doing Sit Ups!

You want to achieve that ultimate goal of 6 pack abs. You regularly start doing a ridiculous amount of floor sit ups and crunches. I can pretty much guarantee 2 things will happen.

  1. Unless you significantly change your diet you will not achieve this goal.
  2. You will eventually experience back pain.

First, you must understand that it requires a very low percentage of body fat to see defined abdominal muscles. Typically around 10% for men and 16-17% for women. It takes a lot of discipline in your dietary choices to achieve and maintain this.

Next we should recognize that we never really move our bodies this way. There are a few athletic exceptions (think gymnast) but most of us don’t perform this movement often in our daily life.

The repetitive motion of lying on the floor and flexing your spine to perform crunches and sit ups can cause the discs in your back to bulge. This can press on the nerves causing lower-back pain which can potentially cause a herniated disc.

Sit ups also work your hip flexors and when the hip flexors are too strong or too tight, they pull on the lower spine. This can also cause chronic lower back pain.

So if this exercise doesn’t improve your daily┬ámovements and doesn’t give you the aesthetics you desire AND potentially causes you pain…why are you doing it?

Here are some alternatives to strengthen your core and improve performance and your quality of life.

Better yet…take this month’s challenge to strengthen your core.

You can grab the calendar HERE and the tutorial HERE.

Lie Well.

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