Why Losing Weight Slowly Lasts

Why Losing Weight Slowly Lasts

Why Losing Weight Slowly Lasts

We live in a world of instant gratification. We want something and expect it immediately (or at least in 2 days via amazon prime). But lasting weight loss doesn’t work that way. Most likely, you’ve tried some sort of diet and lost weight quickly only to gain it back. That is not success. Fast weight loss just doesn’t last.

Losing weight slowly isn’t desirable, I get it. But in my experience, it is much more likely going to be a lasting weight loss. That IS the goal, isn’t it?

When you lose weight slowly you are making steady behavior changes; lifestyle changes. These changes don’t feel restrictive or extreme. They don’t leave you feeling deprived. These are changes that just become your norm. This is how you KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

Losing weight slowly also usually means that you are losing fat, not muscle. Muscle loss slows down your metabolism causing weight loss to stall or worse- causes you to regain weight. Another benefit of losing weight slowly is that it tends to prevent loose skin as typically seen when people have fast, dramatic weight loss. 

Measuring Your Success

Keep in mind that throughout your weight loss journey there will be times when the scale stops moving. At those times, focus on things like how your body is changing, how your energy level is, your sleep, your mood. Don’t solely rely on the scale to measure your success. Take measurements of your body with a measuring tape. Have a professional check your body fat %. Take note of how your clothes fit. Be aware of how much stronger you are, increased stamina and what your body is capable of doing.

Be patient. It won’t happen overnight but it WILL happen.

Live Well.

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