Healthier Happy Hour Tips

Healthier Happy Hour Tips

Healthier Happy Hour Tips


Healthier Happy Hour

You are so good all week but the weekend…oy vey.

So, here are some tips on how to do the happy hour thing without ruining all of your hard work.

Skip dessert-like drinks (mud slides, frozen daiquiris, pina coladas) which contain hundreds of calories.

Swap-drinks like vodka and soda or scotch are lower in calories and you will likely sip them more slowly. Add a splash of fruit juice or some lemons or limes for flavor.

Skip– the bar snacks and fried appetizers.

Swap– apps like shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken satay, salsa with veggies (skip the chips), cup of broth based soup.

More tips:

  • For every drink have at least one cup of water.
  • Trying to abstain? Volunteer to be the DD so drinking isn’t even an option.
  • Make plans for after Happy Hour so you have a time limit to prevent over consuming.
  • Change it up with a Happy Hour activity meeting a friend for a walk.
  • Host Happy Hour at your place with some healthier snack options and a fun drink like this.

The best part of happy hour is blowing off steam with friends. Keep that in mind.

Live Well.

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