Why the Scale Isn’t Moving

Why the Scale Isn’t Moving

Why the Scale Isn’t Moving

You are doing everything right. You are making healthier food choices, exercising more and the scale isn’t budging. It doesn’t make sense because your clothes are fitting better and people keep telling you that you look like you’ve lost weight. It is SO frustrating. So what gives?

Let’s understand THE SCALE.

DECEPTION– When you step on the scale the number that glares back at you includes everything – muscles, fat, bones, blood, organs, food, and water. Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day as much as 10lbs. As you can see, the number can be deceptive.

Let’s Understand YOUR BODY

EVERY DAY YOU’RE MUSCLING-If you are working out, you can build muscle tissue while you are losing fat. You can get slimmer without losing overall weight. Fat and muscle weigh the same but muscle is tight and dense.

LET GO– If you’ve lost a little weight, it is common for your body to pause and hold onto weight to for a few days or even weeks. Even losing a few pounds is a big change for your body. Keep up your healthy habits and your body will eventually let go.


HORMONE Hell-O – When your hormones are out of whack you can easily become weight loss resistant.  Dr. Sara Gottfried is a hormone expert and explains how These Four Hormones  may be stalling your weight loss efforts. 

                                            FOCUS ON FAT LOSS

I suggest having your body fat measured and going by that rather than weight loss. Fat

A few things you CAN do…

  • Drink more water. Often we carry water weight. Drink water to flush it out. On that note, check your sodium. Too much can keep you bloated.
  • Keep track. Jotting down what you are eating and other things like energy level, whether you are bored or actually hungry, how long the meal kept you feeling full, etc. can be helpful. You may be eating more than you think, not enough or meals that are not supporting your body’s needs.
  • Balanced Bites. Take a look at what you are eating. Sure you are eating healthy food but are you getting the right balance of nutrients. *Watch what you are drinking too!*
  • Sleep. Yes, sleep plays a huge role in weight loss. Rather than trying to workout more and eat less, try getting more sleep. Your body needs that time to work it’s magic.
  • Progress your workoutsBe sure to progress the intensity of your workouts to continue to see results.
  • Timing. Don’t weigh in after a heavy workout. Even the next morning your muscles might be retaining water to repair and build.

Which do you think looks healthier?…

 Measure instead…

  • How your clothes fit.
  • Your abdomen and hips.
  • Your energy level.
  • Your blood levels like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and thyroid.
  • Body Fat %
  • Stamina
  • Strength

I know how frustrating it can be to work hard and not get that validation from the scale. I have watched my own scale go up as I become healthier and stronger. F the scale. It doesn’t measure my happiness. I hope you don’t let it measure yours.

Live Well.

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