Don’t Make The Same Mistake This Year

Don’t Make The Same Mistake This Year

Don’t Make The Same Mistake This Year

A new year! A new start! A new you! STOP. RIGHT. THERE.

I see it every year. A new gleam of hope in your eye and you truly believe when you say with conviction, “This year I will workout every single day. I am going to lose 20lbs. I am changing my diet and will no longer eat any sweets. Or bread. Or cheese.  Or snack. Or even look at food. I am going to take up running too.”

And you believe it. You do. And it lasts for a day. It becomes overwhelming. You slip and smell some cheese and then F it. Game over. Better luck next year.

Don’t do it. Don’t make an unattainable new year’s resolution.

Instead pick one thing to work on. ONE THING to exam in your life, make a plan and then take action. Keep it simple. Set yourself up for success.

It may take you a week, a month, 3 months to achieve that one goal but then it’s done (pretty painlessly too). Time to pick a new thing to focus on.

One Step At A Time.


I want to cut back on sugar

  • Identify the foods you eat high in sugar.
    • Focus on one or two of the biggest culprits.
      • Yogurt with fruit on the bottom.
      • Sugar in my coffee
  • Set a process for cutting back or eliminating them.
    • Yogurt
      • Choose plain yogurt and add my own fruit to it.
    • Sugar in my coffee (currently 2 tsps)
      • Cut back to 1 3/4 tsps of sugar in my coffee for 2 weeks.
      • After 2 weeks, cut back to 1 1/2 tsps sugar for 2 weeks.
      • Continue until I am down to minimal or no sugar in coffee.

If you currently do not exercise but want to start, it is unrealistic to set a goal to exercise every day for a significant amount of time.


I want to start exercising

  • For 1 week I will set a timer for 5 minutes every day, first thing in the am and follow an exercise routine.
  • Week 2 I will set the timer for 6 minutes.
  • Week 3 I will set the timer for 7 minutes.

And so on. Once you increase to more than 15 minutes you can change it up and do the 15 minutes or more 5 days a week and do 5 minutes of movement the other 2 days.

If you don’t know where to start I highly suggest consulting with a professional. The right personal trainer, nutritionist or wellness coach can help you improve your health in a way that will last a lifetime- not just Jan. 1st.

Live Well.

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