Fitness Facts? Don’t Fall For these…

Fitness Facts? Don’t Fall For these…

Fitness Facts? Don’t Fall For these…

myth-factAs you enter the new year with the desire to start a new fitness habit, I’d like to bust some common myths that (I cannot believe) still buzz around the gym.

Cardio burns more calories than resistance training. running-on-treadmill

There is actually a bunch of research out there that has shown that resistance training allows you to burn more calories within 24 hours after your workout. This includes using weights, machines, resistance tubes or your own body weight.

Fat turns into muscle. 

No. These are two different tissues. If you stop working out your muscles will shrink and at the same time fat cells eventually replace the muscle tissue that is lost.

Lifting weights will make me bulky 

Again. No. Muscle is dense which means you will get tighter if you are building muscle (as long as you are not gaining or if needed, are losing body fat). If you lift weights and feel like your pants are a bit snug in the bum, that is likely because your booty is tighter and firm. It’s pretty easy to squeeze jeans over fat but not so much when your body is tight. The other reason might be that while you are lifting weights your diet is either preventing you from losing body fat or causing you to gain body fat.

More protein. More muscle.

No. It is true that protein does promote the muscle-building process but there comes a point where it just becomes waste and is stored in your body much like a carbohydrate would be if not used as energy. Experts say that what is important is how you consume it. It is recommended that protein be consumed with carbohydrates.

If I’m not sore then it wasn’t a good workout.sore

Not true. Soreness should not be expected after every workout. Things like a proper warm up, stretching, an increase in training frequency and how sensitive your pain receptors are. If you are sore after every workout you are likely not training frequently enough, not getting enough sleep, your nutrition is poor or you are deficient in electrolytes.

I hope this helps you as you move toward your fitness goals in 2017!

Live well.

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