How to Indulge on Vacation Without Gaining Weight

How to Indulge on Vacation Without Gaining Weight

How to Indulge on Vacation Without Gaining Weight

imag1180Vacation is a time out from your normal life and should be enjoyed. While it doesn’t have to be all about eating and drinking yourself silly, you will likely indulge. And you SHOULD indulge. Here are some tips on how to indulge without gaining weight.

How is it that some people go on vacation, enjoy indulgent food and beverages but don’t gain an ounce?

  • They are likely more active. If your days are spent at a desk and you spend your vacation walking the beach, seeing sights, etc. you are being more active than you normally would and are balancing out what you are consuming.
  • They are likely less stressed. Stress is a big factor in weight management. The excess of cortisol released from chronic stress could cause you to hold onto the stubborn belly fat. When you step away and let go of stress you may also let go of a few of those pounds.
  • They are likely getting more sleep. Lack of sleep is also a big factor in weight management. If you don’t get enough good rest, your body doesn’t have enough time to replenish your growth hormones which will stall weight loss.

Some Simple ways to indulge without gaining weight.

Balance. You are going to indulge and you shouldn’t feel guilty while doing. Just balance it out with healthy meals. Maybe breakfast and lunch you make healthy choices and dinner is your indulgent meal.

Take advantage. Many all inclusive resorts offer of fun fitness classes. Yoga on the beach or Zumba in the pool can be a fun way to enjoy your surroundings.

Hydrate. Drink lots of water. You need to keep flushing out the crap you consume so drink up. Depending on your vacation destination you also want to stay hydrated in hot weather or if you are very active.

Restore. While I encourage you to be active, if you are very active in your every day life, you might want to use this opportunity for a few days of restoration. Take walks. Try a yoga class on the beach. Change your routine. Move but in a different way than your usual tough gym workouts.

BYO. Keep some healthy snacks with you like granola bars, trail mix, a piece of fruit, etc. so you don’t get hangry while you are sight seeing and eat everything at the buffet. Request a mini-fridge for your hotel room so you can store healthy snacks such as cheese, fruit, veggies, hummus or yogurt.

Make a Game of it.

  • For every alcoholic beverage you consume you owe me push ups (the number should be challenging to you)
  •  Every dessert you eat you owe me jumping jacks (the number should be challenging to you And so on…

Road Trip? Check out my blog post Be a Road trip Rebel.
The “No” Rest Stop If you are on the road, use rest stops to move and stretch. Take a quick, brisk walk around. Get up and stretch. Do some jumping jacks or push ups. Play tag with your kids. Take a few minutes to get the blood flowing again.

Cool It. Pack a cooler in the car full of homemade sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, trail mix, yogurt, etc. to avoid eating fast food at rest stops.

If you must eat fast food, check out this article on Healthier Fast Food.

Keep your Eye on the Road. Avoid mindless eating in the car by playing road trip games like these:
10 Best Car Games for Kids
14 Road Trip Games Adults will Actually Play
And if your clothes are snug when you return home, remind yourself that it is only temporary.
Focus on
 Drinking lots of water to detox.
 Eating food that will nourish your body
 Moving your body (I’ve got lots of quick and free workouts on YouTube!)
 Reminding yourself that it is not OK to eat ice cream for dinner every night 😉

Live Well.

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