Friends with Benefits: Carrots didn’t make you fat!

Friends with Benefits: Carrots didn’t make you fat!

Friends with Benefits: Carrots didn’t make you fat!

A young woman eating an entire bowl of pasta and looking guilty

MMMMMMMMMMM….Carbs. You sweet friend, always there to comfort me and make me happy. For a moment. Then the guilt. The shame. How could I have eaten that. Carbs are evil. Carbs are to blame for my muffin top, my jiggle and Well, I am here to tell you that your little friend comes with benefits…Question: “Don’t carrots have a lot of carbs?” My answer: Carrots never made anyone fat. Come on. Take a good look at everything you eat and drink. Do you think that the handful of carrots you ate is really to blame???

When people go on “low carb” diets they typically focus on eating protein, healthy fats and lots of vegetables. What they actually do is cut out the refined carbs and increase the un-refined carbs.

Yes, some vegetables and fruit are higher in sugar and carbs but they come with major benefits for your body.

Carbs 101:

  • Simple (refined): plant based food that has been stripped of fiber and much of the nutritional value such as processed sugar, white bread, refined flour. Contain fewer beneficial nutrients, absorbed quickly and less satiating than complex carbs. Foods like white bread, white rice, refined cereal, refined pasta, sweets, many baked goods, chips, candy
  • Complex (non-refined): Contain natural sugar and fiber. Contain beneficial nutrients for the body, digested slowly preventing energy crashes and are more satiating. Includes whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.
    • Provide energy
    • Aid in digestion
    • Boost metabolism
    • Satiety – keeps you full longer
    • Brain health – mental clarity and function
    • Hormone function

I actually eat a lot of carbs. But the majority of my carbs come from vegetables and some fruit. Rather than merely focus on the amount of sugar and calories a food has, look at the nutritional benefit that food gives your body and be honest about how much you need depending on your activity level. .

For example~

Dates approximately 60 calories in 1 date and 16 grams of sugar. But they are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and the essential minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. Eat them in moderation but these babies are a fantastic way to energize you pre workout, restore energy after a workout and make a great sweet snack.

So before you banish them, look at carbs as a good friend. Good friends support you and energize you rather than suck the life out of you and make your butt bigger. Choose your carbs wisely and reap the benefits. And stop blaming carrots!

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