My Diet is Better Than Yours

My Diet is Better Than Yours

My Diet is Better Than Yours

don't dietHave you heard? There is a new Reality TV show coming soon called “My Diet is Better than Yours.” Do we really need another weight loss show? Get the scoop on what makes these diets not so different at all.

According to ABC, the show, hosted by Shawn T. “…features celebrity trainers coaching average Americans to lose weight and get in shape. Each trainer brings his/her own individually designed and wildly diverse diet and exercise plan to their contestant, and works with them to change their lives.”

The diets include egan, The Wild Diet, Flexitarian, cLeanmomma and the No Diet Plan. The diets may seem very different but they all share a very common theme.

  • Eat real food.
    • mostly plants
    • limit processed food, sugar, alcohol
  • Move your body more.

Sure, the Vegan diet excludes all animal products.The Flexitarian diet allows a little meat while adding in more veggies. The Wild diet is basically Paleo which excludes grains (among other things). While they all have their own specific restrictions, the bottom line is that you should eat clean and limit the crap. duh

The thing is that a lot of people know they need to make some nutritional changes but don’t know what or how. They believe it is too difficult or means they have to eat dirt. So the benefit of following someone’s plan is guidance. But once you have the information, what you need to follow is your gut.

All of the diets will work when followed. The difference will come down to the dedication by the clients and the motivation from the trainers.

It will come down to MINDSET. You’ve got to make it your way of life.

Your diet aka the way you eat (not something you go on) should be simple. Limit the crap and fill your body with lots of actual food that you enjoy. Find ways to cook vegetables so they taste good. If you are ok with eating fish or meat then cook them with lots of spices for flavor rather than butter or tons of oil ( a little goes a long way). Stop eating your meals out of boxes and bags.

The key is to make time to make food. Doing that alone will get you results.

My point? There isn’t ONE way. The blueprint is simple. You choose the food that makes you feel the best.


If you keep that simple blueprint as a guide and be aware of how your body responds to what you are eating, you will be golden.

Live Well.

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