STUFFED? Small Business Saturday Workout

STUFFED? Small Business Saturday Workout

STUFFED? Small Business Saturday Workout

chandler says I love youSupport Small Businesses Today ­čÖé As a thank you for supporting this small business I give you A Full Body Workout that can be done anywhere (just modify to fit your needs).┬á#FullBodyWorkout #smallbusinesssaturday

Keep reading and I explain the picture at the end…

Today I didn’t film because it was too cold to go outside and I wanted to be quiet but here is what I did:


Warm Up:  20 secs Mountain Climbers/20 seconds squat jumps w/10 secs rest if needed in between -8 rounds.

100 Plank Jacks… (modify with Jumping jacks)

90 Bent Over Rows… (modify if you don’t have equipment maybe lunges or some cardio)

80 Sumo (plie) Squat Jumps (20 weight at chest, 20 weight over head, 20 weight
behind head, 20 weight at chest)…(modify no jumps and no weights if needed)

70 Flutter kicks or Bicycles…

60 Donkey Kicks or Butt kicks…

50 Single-Leg Bridges w/Single Arm Chest press (each side)…I put one foot on a chair

40 Fence Hops or Skaters…

30 Triceps Dips or Kick backs…

20 Staggered Arm Push Ups with In/Out Jumps…

10 Burpees.(modify with something else if needed)

Followed by PLANK

Then I did 50┬áLeg┬áPresses..50 Leg Presses with leg crossed behind knee…50 Leg Lifts
out to the side (repeat on other leg)…A bunch of crunches on mini ball…Side
planks each side.

Then stretching.

Tomorrow I’ve got a loooooooong ride home so I hope to get some stretching in beforehand.

The picture is from the Friends episode where Chandler first tells Monica he loves her while she has a turkey on her head. I can pretty much watch the first few moments of any Friends episode and tell you which one it is. It is a secret (pathetic) talent I have from my past. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Live well!

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