candy crashTrick or Treating is fun but you might be stuck with candy for months. This temptation might derail your efforts toward fitness goals and lead to some serious  kiddo sugar crashes. How do you part with those oh so tasty treats? I’ve got some ideas that may even be kid approved.

You know I am not a fan of typical candy with all the dyes and stuff in them but I am not a total Grinch. I suggest letting the kids (and maybe even yourself) have a bit of their favorites and don’t totally deprive. But your kids may have collected enough to last them until Valentine’s Day. So what to do?

Like Magic: The candy Fairy or the Switch Witch can visit your house. You leave the bucket of candy out over night and the fairy or witch comes and takes it, leaving your child a gift. For older kids you won’t believe, just offer a swap.

Sell it: Pay your kids by the piece or you can give them a small gift card to their favorite store. I get off easy as a pack of hot wheels is all my son wants.

Donate it: My dentist office accepts candy and then donates it to the troops through Operation Gratitude, which includes candy in care packages sent to troops deployed overseas Some dentists will buy it back. Check the Halloween Candy Buyback website to find a dentist accepting candy. **I will be accepting donations for my dentist so if you see me the first week of November I will collect your candy**

You could also donate it to nursing homes, assisted living centers, food pantries or hospitals. I beg you to refrain from taking it to work as everyone is likely in the same boat as you are!

Repurpose it: For craft projects, like gingerbread houses, science experiments or to fill a piñata.. Or use in recipes (I am not thrilled about this idea but figured I’d share it).

Ration It: Stash it out of reach and allow them to have a piece a day and little by little throw some out and they will think they’ve just eaten it all.

Let me know if you’ve got some more ideas to share!

Live Well.


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