FREE Home Workout: Full Body Tone with a Cardio Kick!

FREE Home Workout: Full Body Tone with a Cardio Kick!

A great way to get the most out of your workout is by combining intervals of cardio and strength training. This workout features light weights to take your cardio up a notch and heavier weights to strengthen and tone your body. However, if you don’t have weights I offer alternatives. This workout was a live broadcast on Periscope. If you follow me @janaheath you will be notified when I broadcast these live workouts. The best part is that if you are a member of my boot camp classes, you get access to the private broadcasts of our classes, allowing you to participate from anywhere. This is a great benefit to class members who now never have to miss class due to travel, a sick child at home or sleeping through an alarm. The broadcasts live for 24 hours and YES I can see that you’ve viewed the broadcast so I can still hold you accountable.

Unfortunately, Periscope was experiencing a bug (which was fixed shortly after with an update) and the workout below is in two parts due to their technical difficulties. Luckily, I structured the workout so you won’t really miss a beat. Just keep in mind that the camera quality is usually better.

Get to it!

Live well!

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