My 5 Minute Rule

My 5 Minute Rule

My 5 Minute Rule

funny-pictures-cat-does-not-want-to-work-outExercise? You just don’t feel like it. Getting started or “showing up” as I call it is the hardest part. Try my 5 minute rule. Set a goal of doing some sort of exercise for 5 minutes. What is the benefit?What could 5 minutes possibly do?

  • Removes that overwhelmed feeling. Knowing you only have to do something for 5 minutes takes away that stress of tying to fit it in. You can always do more than 5 minutes if you want to.
  • Gives you a boost. Yes, I know you feel so tired you don’t know how you could possibly do anything. Try moving for 5 minutes, I bet you’ll feel more awake and energized.
  • Typically leaves you craving more. It works for me. I don’t want to do it so I say I only have to do 5 minutes. Then when that 5 minutes is up, I always find myself wanting to do a little more and more.
  • Relieves stress. If you are stuck at work or your kids are driving you crazy try the 5 minute rule and jump around, take a walk, challenge yourself to push ups and squats, etc. Your mind will clear and your mood will improve. I am much more tolerant, and pleasant after a workout for sure.
  • It is better than… Better than doing nothing at all. Better than choosing a food comfort or caffeine. Better than stressing yourself out thinking you’ve got to do an hour and there isn’t enough time!!!

And I make those 5 minutes count!

I typically do something that gets my heart rate up and push myself. Those 5 minutes might leave me more breathless than a 30 minute or hour workout.

But if you are in need of something different doing a few yoga poses, some stretching, a little abdominal work or taking a brisk walk are all fine options too.

Just take the overwhelm out and do SOMETHING for 5 minutes.

Try my 5 minute rule and let me know how it works for you!

Live well.

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