How Often You Workout vs How Long…Which is Better?

How Often You Workout vs How Long…Which is Better?

How Often You Workout vs How Long…Which is Better?

finding-time-to-exercise1Is it better to do fewer, longer workouts or frequent shorter workouts?

It doesn’t matter how much time you have, it is what you DO with that time that matters.

First let’s clarify. You could be at the gym for 2 hours but spending a lot of that time checking your phone or chatting on it. Are you really working hard? You could also do ten minutes and completely hit it hard. And vice versa. So time to me really depends on what your DO.

Sure there is science to back both sides of this question but I will speak from my years of experience in working with many different people.

Do what fits into your life. Trying to fit your life into an exercise schedule will likely lead to stress and failure. If you have the time and prefer to do an effective workout a few days per week for an hour, then do that. If you find shorter, effective workouts more frequently work better for you then do that.

Consistency is key.

Whatever you have time for, do it consistently or you won’t be seeing any results.

Make that time count!

Be sure that the time you set aside to workout, even for 10 minutes, that you are using your time wisely. If you are only able to do short workouts then focus on exercises that use bigger muscle groups (ie. Squats, push ups…) and compound exercises (ie. lunges with biceps curl) so you get the best bang for your buck.

In my experience, unless you are training for something or you genuinely have the time and enjoy it, you don’t need to spend a lot of time working out.

It is much more important to move often. Especially if you are sedentary all day longYou cannot erase not moving all day with an hour at the gym a few days per week.  

And of course, nutrition absolutely plays a role. A rant for another time…

Besides, frequency may help you stay on the path toward your desired destination. It is SOOOOO easy to stray from the path the longer you go between workouts.

So the answer is YOU decide. What works for you? Then commit to it and make the time you sacrifice worth it!

NO time? NO Excuse!

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