Bottoms Up! LIFT it, TONE it STRETCH it

Bottoms Up! LIFT it, TONE it STRETCH it

Bottoms Up! LIFT it, TONE it STRETCH it

Buns-of-steel-VHS-200x300We often ignore those oh so important glute muscles, aka your backside because we cannot see it. Well guess what, everyone behind you can! Now, it doesn’t matter what others think and you certainly don’t have to have a bounce a quarter off it bum. But for those of you who would like to tone up back there, here are some tips to do so.I also need to mention that your glute muscles are extremely important. Weak glute muscles are often the cause of back pain. So begin strengthening it and don’t forget to stretch them!


Single -Leg Hip Thrusts

Place your upper back on the bench starting with 2 feet on the floor.

Place a dumbbell on one thigh an lift the other foot off of the floor. Try to keep it off of the floor throughout the exercise.

Perform a hip thrust with a dumbbell on the leg as close to the hip as possible, lifting the hips up as high as you can, making sure to support your back by engaging your core. . Use the hand to guide the dumbbell. Repeat and then switch to the other leg.








Glute Press Over the Ball Or Lying on a Bench

On the Ball:

On a Bench: Lie facedown over a bench or padded stool with your legs hanging off the edge (a). Engage your abs and lift both legs until your body forms a straight line (b). Hold for 5 seconds, then lower slowly. That’s 1 rep; do 10 to 15.



s stretch


(2 sets of 30 seconds per leg)

Muscles activated:gluteal muscles, hamstrings



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