How You Could have Runners Knee without Running

How You Could have Runners Knee without Running

How You Could have Runners Knee without Running

knee painDo you suffer from knee pain around the knee cap? Do you feel the pain when you walk up and/or down stairs? After sitting too long? You may have what is known as “runners knee.” I am encountering more and more people who have been diagnosed with runners knee but do not run. So what’s the deal? Well it turns out that sitting too long may also cause the same injury.

Muscle imbalances are common culprits of such injuries. Imbalances like weak quadriceps, hamstrings or glutes can lead to more serious pain and injury. Sitting too long in a repetitive manor (such as sitting 8+ hours a day for work) can cause some muscles to weaken and others to become tight. A regimen of strengthening and stretching can relieve pain and correct these imbalances.

This is a detailed article by Dr. Pribut who explains runner’s knee which you may want to check out if you suffer from runner’s knee. Runner’s Knee Explained.

It helps to work with a Physical Therapist who can help to identify these imbalances and prescribe the correct exercises and stretches to help you overcome this injury.

As a Personal Trainer who has studied such injuries and worked with Physical Therapists to help clients follow through with their regimens. Once prescribed, you need to follow through with the exercises and stretches to heal and I can work with you to make sure you are doing them correctly and keep you accountable for actually doing them.

Please do not ignore pain and allow the injury to become something much worse. Do not let it effect your quality of life. You do not have to live in pain.


Live Well.



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