Workout In the Park Breakdown

Workout In the Park Breakdown

On Memorial Day I offered a FREE workout in the park and was thrilled with the number of attendees. Thank you to all who came out! If you missed it, please check out the videos and exercise breakdown including modifications.

Timer was set for 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds of work. We did each set for 4 rounds

memorial day workout 2015


  1. Jumping Jacks Or plank jacks
  2. Reverse lunges with front kicks and biceps curl Right leg
  3. Reverse lunges with front kicks and biceps curl Left leg
  4. Burpees Or Squats Or Squat jumps


  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Plank Hip Drops on toes or knees OR Oblique Crunches bringing knee toward elbow
  3. Squat Jumps OR Squats with a double pulse
  4. Plie Squats with Triceps over-head press

memorial day workout 2015 part 2


  1. Push Ups (with hands on fence or bench or feet on fence or bench)
  2. Fence Jumps (over fence or bench or just jump side to side)
  3. Triceps Dips or Triceps press (behind back holding onto weight with 2 hands)
  4. Single-Leg Single-Arm bent over rows


  1. Shuffle and punch
  2. Jump lunges OR lunges
  3. Single-Arm chest fly with double side leg drops (single-leg to modify)
  4. Bent knee roll up with weighted reach OR Knee pull in roll up with weight reach

We finished by planking of course

Live Well.






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