Bird Sh*t and other Bull Sh*t

Bird Sh*t and other Bull Sh*t

Bird Sh*t and other Bull Sh*t


bird poopThe other day a bird pooped on my head and everyone kept telling me they heard it was “good luck.” I call bullsh*t! That is just something someone told someone once to make them feel not so badly about having bird feces in their hair. There is a LOT of BS out there regarding fitness so read on because I am about to drop some TRUTH bombs.

Get rid of pesky arm fat with these 5 moves

Flatten your tummy in 4 weeks

Lose 7lbs in 7 days

These titles grab your attention and get you to subscribe to content. I know that if I want you to read my content, I would likely fair better by shouting false claims at you but I just can’t do that.

In my experience, it takes a bit of time, consistency, commitment and a combination of how you feed your body and how you move your body. There are exercises that improve the strength of specific muscles and performing such exercises consistently will also increase leanness. But it is important to understand that moving your whole body is an important part of achieving any fitness or weight loss goal.

In my next few blog posts, I will be discussing some common myths and hope to save you time and effort. My goal is also to prevent you from giving up hope when you don’t achieve the results those claims above promise.

Let’s start with “toning.” Little muscles burn little calories. Large muscles burn more. While working specific muscles is important to strengthen them, burning calories reduces the fat they lie beneath. Working large muscles also works the smaller ones so if you are short on time, focus on the big ones. Examples are squats, chest presses, push ups, rows and lunges. For more bang for your buck, you can do compound exercises like a lunge and biceps curl.

Research indicates that how you lose fat is predetermined so you will lose fat from your body differently than your gym buddy. Fat loss happens all over. If you want to lose fat from your arms, it may first disappear somewhere else.

Work the whole body. Nourish the whole body with real food. Stay tuned for more BS busting and we will discuss your tummy next.

Live well.


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