Get some R&R on your Spring Break: Rest and Resistance

Get some R&R on your Spring Break: Rest and Resistance

Get some R&R on your Spring Break: Rest and Resistance

Taking a break this Spring? Rest is excellent and necessary for your health. But pack a resistance band and you’ve got an easy quick workout tool you can use anywhere. Here are some exercises to get you started.bent over row band 1Bent Over Rows

  • Place the proper band beneath your feet and bend over so that your chest is directly over your toes.
  • Keep your head up and eyes forward and pull the handles back toward your sides – arms should be at a ninety degree angle at the upper most part of the movement.


Rreverse lunge and roweverse Lunge and Row


  •  Loop a band around a pole (or use a door attachment) slightly below chest height. Face the band.
  • Take a large step back and do a reverse lunge. Keep your core tight and back upright.
  • Slowly release the bands, return back up to a full stand, and powerfully row the bands into your core. Row in on your way up.
  • Repeat for the opposite leg and continue to alternate.

Aresistance twistbs with a twist

  • Loop a band around a pole or attach it to the middle of a door. Take a few steps out and turn so that the bands are at your side.
  • Keep your arms straight, rotate your body, and powerfully pull the bands across your body.
  • Slowly recoil and return to start. Complete a set and repeat for the opposite side before moving onto the next exercise.

chest fly bandChest Flies with Resistance Band


  • Loop a band around a pole (or attach it to a door) at chest height. Grab the handles and keep your arms as wide as possible, as if you’re about to give someone a massive hug.
  • Lean forward slightly, squeeze your chest, bend your elbows slightly, and powerfully bring your arms together out in front of your body. Keep your arms over your chest and hold the contraction for 1 second.
  • Slowly separate your arms and return them back to starting position. This should look like a giant “T.”


good morningGood Mornings (Keep it out of your back. You are working glutes and hamstrings)

  • Start by standing tall on the tube. Make sure there is a lot of resistance.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Bend at the hips and lift up.
  • Lower back down.
  • Repeat.

Throw in some jumping jacks, mountain climbers, running in place (or on the beach!). You can add smaller muscle work like biceps curls, triceps press and more abs. End with a plank. Then hit the pool or beach.

If you’d like a specific program designed for YOU, contact me and let’s work together!

Live Well.

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