How NOT Setting a Goal to “Lose Weight” will Help You Lose Weight

How NOT Setting a Goal to “Lose Weight” will Help You Lose Weight

How NOT Setting a Goal to “Lose Weight” will Help You Lose Weight

keep losing weightStop trying to change everything all at once!  Set ONE goal for this year. It cannot be to lose weight. Here is how you may lose weight without setting it as your goal. You set THE goal. Lose weight.

Ok great. Now what? You start trying this diet or that, counting calories, food journaling, cut carbs and sweets and sugar or maybe any food that ends in the letter “E”. You label food as good and bad and when you eat something bad you feel badly about yourself and feel like a failure. STOP THE MADNESS!

It is TOO MUCH. This leads you to a cycle of negativity which will not fuel positive results.

I am sorry to tell you but losing weight successfully takes a little patience.

If you are sitting at your desk, you cannot click your heels and suddenly be in the bathroom. You have to take steps to get there. Same with reaching any get in shape goal.

I know you want it now but think of it this way. What were you doing last year at this time?

This next year is going to happen and you can waste time trying to find the magic solution that will possibly get you the results faster. I guarantee this will lead you right back to where you are right now (because short term solutions don’t translate into long term results). OR you can try a new approach.

Rather than setting the goal to Lose Weight, set one action step. The key is to take ONE action step. Do not take the stairs taking 2 or 3 steps at a time. Not yet.

Habits must be created and nurtured. One step can lead to another positive change that leads to another and ends in great, lasting results. This can happen naturally rather than you forcing yourself to make these changes all at once.

I’d need to work with you personally to determine what your first step should be but here is a simple example I like to give.

Set a timer on your phone or use an app like to go off every 30 or 45 minutes to remind you to drink some water. Eventually you will have to get up to go to the bathroom. So now you are hydrating yourself and moving. Two positives. Sometimes when you feel that lethargy start to hit you, it is dehydration and too much sitting on your behind. When you are lethargic, your brain signals the need for energy by asking for fuel and we read it as GIMMIE SOME SUGAR! This one step seems small but I’ve seen this lead to big changes.

Setting that overwhelming goal of losing weight is too big. Set an action step that is simple and attainable. Do it now and maybe next year at this time that desire you have to lose weight (or whatever your desire may be) will actually be fulfilled.

Live Well.

And if you want guidance, accountability, a plan of action and more shoot me an email and let’s get started today!



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