Black Friday Deal for YOU!

Black Friday Deal for YOU!

 Black Friday deal for you. That’s right. No waiting on line and no traffic. My deal for you?? Hot buns totally free by doing the workout below. This workout I’d a countdown workout starting with 100 reps and working down to 10. Feel free to adjust the exercises to fit your needs and equipment.

in between each exercise i tied a resistance band around my ankles and did 30 seconds of plank jacks.

100 squat jumps

90 alternating lunges with biceps curls (I have only 8lb weights which are much lighter than my usual 15lb. If you have heavier weights alternate arms)

80 single leg hamstring press with subtle arm triceps press on each side.

70 resistance band hydrants on each side

60 laid back Russian twists (you can do regular ones but these are legs straight, weight in hands lay back so when you twist your elbows touch the floor)

50 bent over single leg step up with single arm row.

40 triceps dips, 40 chest press pulses.

30 leg drops with chest flies, 30 weighted toe touches and 30 reverse crunches

20 push ups, 20 chest fly pulses, 20 triceps kick backs, 20 shoulder presses

10 burpees with resistance band jacks

3 min plank

10 more minutes of random abs and butt exercise.


live well.

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