The Gobbler

The Gobbler

A workout for you to try this fine Gobble Day. I apologize, I’ve been having such terrible internet connection issues out in the boonies of my parent’s home. I cannot get the photos to post but below is my workout for today. I’ve posted some photos on facebook. Hope that helps.

Today’s Workout:

Countdown. 10 Reps of one exercise followed by 10 reps of another. Then 9 reps and 9 reps, 8 and 8, et. all the way down to 1 rep.

Burpees and Pushups

Weighted V Ups and Renegade Plank Rows with Triceps Kick Backs

Donkey Kicks and Goblet Squats

Then 2 sets of the following circuit:

30 reps of Resistance tube Triceps overhead press

30 reps of Resistance tube Biceps Curls

30 Reps of Resistance tube Standing Rows

30 Reps of Resistance tube Bent Over Rows

30 Seated Resistance tube Rows

10 reps of side V ups

Then random ab stuff like triceps overhead press vups, Bicycle twisted pulses, etc.

Finished with a 3 minute plank.

Live Well.


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