Essential Abs ~ It’s all about that Bass…

Essential Abs ~ It’s all about that Bass…

Suffer from back pain? If you workout with me regularly, you know that we include a lot of training that targets your behind. Why? Well, despite being incredibly important for stability and mobilization, people often ignore training them which can lead to back pain, muscle imbalances and poor performance. Plus working this large muscle group will help you burn body fat and trim down the tummy. Check out the video for some exercises to try.

If you sit on your buns for long periods of time, your gluteal muscles become impaired and basically forget how to do their job. Your quad muscles and psoas will become tight and the hamstrings, IT band and low back muscles must do the work instead which ends up causing you back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain and so on. Aside from getting up frequently throughout the day, you need to strengthen your gluteal muscles (those ones you are sitting on right now).

It is important to understand that your gluteal muscles are mobilizers, meaning they create movement, like pushing off as you jump or run and they are stabilizers, as in maintaining proper posture while running. I was originally going to go into detail on the role of the gluteal muscles and how weakness will create problems and pain throughout your body. However, I came across an article written by Christi Sullivan of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness, and decided to share it with you instead as it is very well written and an informative article on the many roles of the gluteal muscles.!The-Function-and-Importance-of-the-Posterior-Chain/cbst/1.

Below is a video of some exercises you can implement to strengthen your glutes. If your big goal is to reduce belly fat, remember that strengthening large muscles like the gluteus maximus will help you reach that goal.

Live Well.

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