Essential Abs. I’ll Take Mine with a Twist…

Essential Abs. I’ll Take Mine with a Twist…

I know you want that flat stomach but is it is essential to train your entire core as the core transfers power, stabilizes the body, maintains posture and balance and can prevent injury. Today we talk rotation and I will show you a few exercises you can try. When I say rotation I am speaking of movement in the transverse plane mostly. This involves movements that occur around your body in a rotational fashion such as swinging a baseball bat or even twisting to look over your shoulder at something behind you. We are mostly using the external obliques during some of these movements but the rest of your core  including the Erector Spinae, Multifidis, and Quadratus Lumborum are certainly engaged to support and execute the exercises.

Check out the video below for some examples.

And because nutrition plays a key role in reducing body fat and where your body will store what it puts into it, here is a recipe that is tasty and tummy friendly. If you don’t eat meat you can add in beans or veggies. You can adjust the recipe to fit your dietary needs.

Live Well.


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