The One Wrong Step You May be Taking Every Day

The One Wrong Step You May be Taking Every Day

Weight loss, Health and Happiness is NOT a numbers game.
You wake up feeling well. You are comfortable in your body, feel like you’ve been making progress toward your goals. You are confident and happy.Then you take one wrong step…onto the scale. You look down and as that number appears and all of those feelings are gone in an instant. I am willing to bet that no matter what number appeared you would not be satisfied and think you could have tried harder, done something more.
Your value is not measured by the number on the scale. What does the scale measure anyway? It does NOT measure your stress level, your sleep quality, your nutrition patterns, the way your body shape has changed, your HAPPINESS and the way you feel in your body. Read more on how you can avoid taking this one wrong step that may be robbing you of success.Scale Weight is Water + Muscle and Tissues (lean weight), blood + fat. These factors are ever changing and your weight can shift dramatically day to day and even hour to hour . Water Retention, Stress, Lack of Sleep, Hormonal Changes, Constipation, Medication and so on.

Celebrate other victories such as feeling good in your clothes, having more energy,  measure yourself, improvements in strength or speed goals, like improving your walking or running pace, lifting a heavier weight or not gasping for air after climbing your stairs. Be proud if you’ve been filling your body with nourishing food and listening to hunger cues rather than emotional eating, if you have been sleeping better, have clearer skin and even a higher sex drive.

Keep track of how your body is changing in a positive way. Take measurements every so often if you want proof on the paper that your body is changing. Who cares what the number on the scale is besides YOU? If you are seeing positive changes in your health then the most important thing is that YOU see and feel progress in yourself.

scale doesnt' matter.2scale doesn't defineLook at these pictures. The man is the exact same weight in both pictures. The woman actually weighs more in the picture on the right. And yes, it is the same man and the same woman in the pictures. These are great examples of why the scale weight is not the best way to measure progress.

Yes, the scale can be one way to keep yourself in check but never weigh yourself more than once per week, at the same time of day; preferably in the am and in the buff.  Give yourself a 5lb window to allow for the above listed possible reasons for fluctuations and move on. If you are making positive changes in your lifestyle and the scale is continually giving you grief, let it go.

Live well.


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