Exercise VS. You Being a Person

Exercise VS. You Being a Person

toilet lungeHow many calories do I burn making the bed? How many calories do I burn when I am vacuuming? What if I throw in a few lunges? How about when I scrub the tub really hard?The things I mentioned above are activities that you do being a person. While I encourage you to do them, I don’t count them as exercise. You should move throughout your day and most of us could stand to move more.

I have some clients who tell me they should get “exercise credit” for getting up off of the couch or walking out to get the mail. I give them my sweetest smile and remind them that as a person those are just things you do throughout the day and are clearly not exercise and if those things feel like exercise they need to get off of their buns more often.

Seeking out the stairs instead of the elevator or taking multiple trips up and down your stairs with loads of laundry are awesome ways to move more. But again, no need to log those movements in your exercise journal. If you are wearing a pedometer or other step counter, you will get a sense of how much you actually move throughout the day. And you will get “credit” for taking each and every step.

Exercise doesn’t have to be one specific thing and you should find what you like to do and workout smarter ( http://wp.me/p1iETD-9O ).But cleaning your toilet isn’t going to cut it. You could try cleaning your floor with one of my wash cloth workouts – now that is a workout! http://youtu.be/D11eAbX6pDw?list=UUENTgut1EmcEsx7dSf4JaQw

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