Workout SMARTER and Get Results

Workout SMARTER and Get Results

If you are spending most of your workout time walking in place, then this is a MUST read.

If you are training for a race or competition then this doesn’t apply to you as you are focused on a different goal. Lets be clear that if you are training for a race or competition, you should not be working on weight loss and improving your overall health at the same time. A race or competition are short term goals that require specific training and potential dietary modifications. I am also NOT saying that running is bad. Running is great and if you enjoy it, do it.

For the rest of you, trying to create a healthy lifestyle that may include losing weight and gaining lean mass, please read on.

If you are spending your time on long bouts of cardio to get fit, lose weight, maintain weight, etc., please stop. Are you seeing results? I didn’t think so.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular which means anything that gets your heart pumping. You don’t have to be running, sweating and completely out of breath to achieve cardio training. It includes resistance training. When you resistance train properly you will raise your heart rate and therefore will be getting in your cardio.

When you are doing things like endurance running or walking on a treadmill for a 45-60 minutes, you are actually increasing your cortisol levels and increasing inflammation. Increased cortisol actually contributes to breaking down muscle and increasing body fat; especially around the belly.

You do not want to burn muscle, you want to build muscle. Think of it as shaping your muscles so as you lose weight you will see muscle definition. If you are a woman, please stop worrying about getting bulky. It takes so much ridiculous effort for men to get big and they have about 10 times the amount of testosterone as women so believe me, lifting weights will not make you “manish.” Resistance training will increase your fat loss and lean out your body.

You don’t have time for long cardio sessions so invest your time in shorter resistance training sessions that can include weights, machines, stability balls, TRX, medicine balls, steps, your own body weight, etc. Throw in some intervals, circuits, challenges to make it interesting and keep you motivated.

Less time = Better results? YES, that is what I am saying. If you enjoy working out 5-6 days per week, great. If you have limited time and can only do 3 times per week then you better make the most of it. Resistance train. If you want guidance, you know who to ask.

Find Free videos of at home interval training workouts here

Live Well.



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