If You are Running from a Lion, You are Probably Not in “The Mood…”

If You are Running from a Lion, You are Probably Not in “The Mood…”

Do you have the sex drive of your grandma? Let’s talk about how emotional stress screws up your hormones and damages your metabolism. stress

Back in, let’s say the cave man days, people experienced some big stress at times like being chased by lions. I doubt a lot of babies were being made after a long day of running for your life. Stress plays a huge part in your health. If you have been struggling with weight loss, it may be due to stress effecting your hormones and damaging your metabolism.

According to research done by Dr. Daniel Kalish, the more you gain and lose weight, the more your metabolism becomes damaged.  Your metabolism then needs repair. Once it is fixed you will have a normal response to food and exercise. This is a brief summary of information presented by Dr. Kalish.

Dr. Kalish is a chiropractor who continued his research and education which led him to develop his own method of repairing hormones. His explanation is that the following kinds of stress will prevent your metabolism from working properly due to the hormone reaction in your body. These stresses are emotional, dietary, pain/inflammatory stress.

Hormones control your energy production, mood, ability to burn fat, progesterone and estrogen production and so on. Imbalances create depression, weight struggles, low sex drive, fatigue, irritability, headaches and more.

When you are in stress mode your cortisol shoots up and your thyroid slows down.

Prolonged stress is the main culprit. Focusing today on emotional stress…

Your body can become a buffer for emotional stress. Think of your body like an inflatable suit that serves as a protective layer from emotional stresses in your life. If you are able to eliminate big emotional stresses, you may be able to repair your metabolism and find that you are suddenly able to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Old strategies no longer work because hormones are stuck. The cortisol levels get stuck from being forced to go up and down.

Identify the stressors in your life. Find a way to sleep more efficiently and get adequate rest. Changing your nutrition intake will be a major player in repairing your metabolism. You need to consume some healthy fats and lean, clean protein as well as a healthy amount of carbohydrates  from vegetables and fruits with some starchy carbs,depending on how active you are.

This is just a little bit of info. I highly suggest you either follow up with more research based on your own experience or you can speak to me about what I’ve discovered in my research on this topic.  It is unbelievable how much stress reduction, improved sleep, exercise and eating well can change your life.

Live Well.


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