Make It Dirty

Make It Dirty

I don’t do quick and sometimes I make it dirty. Weight loss is a process that comes through changing your behaviors, habits and relationships  (mostly with food and yourself). The result should not only be a slimmer, happier you but you living a lifestyle that is simple and keeps you in that new place. Don’t you want to stop stressing about every morsel of food, calorie, etc.? Your life should not revolve around a scale and how to make that number go down.

So back to the dirty part…

Step 1. Get rid of the junk. If you keep junk food in the house you will likely eat it. Get rid of it. If you have to have it for someone else who lives in your house I want you to put it on the highest shelf you have. That way, if you really want it, it will go down like this.

It is dark, and quiet and you tip toe to the kitchen where you pull out a chair, careful not to make a sound. You put the chair on the floor below that really high, small shelf above your refrigerator where nothing fits but those weird shot glasses someone got you as a gag gift that say something like “You look like I need another shot.” What no one knows is that behind those glasses is a bag of oreos. You climb up on the chair, almost falling off because you meant to start Pilates 10 years ago but never quite got around to it and have crappy balance but catch yourself and reach for that bag of forbidden pleasure. As you open the bag and shove one in your mouth the lights come on and you are caught by your child or spouse like the thief you are. You’ve robbed yourself of the progress you’ve made. Oh and I think you might have been naked.

My point is that if you are having trouble resisting such temptations, make those temptations so unavailable that you have to go to dirty, ridiculous lengths to give in to them.

More to come!

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