Super Recipe Ideas for your Super Bowl Party

Super Recipe Ideas for your Super Bowl Party

Super Recipe Ideas for your Super Bowl Party

You are a few weeks into your New Year’s Resolution and here is your first big challenge. Super Bowl Party Food! You don’t have to totally blow itIf you are hosting, it is easy to make a few lower calorie/healthy apps so you don’t blow your progress. Your guests won’t even notice as these are tasty treats. If you are going to a party then I suggest you make your contributions to the party healthy ones  so you know you’ve got at least a few options to choose from.

My suggestion is always to indulge wisely. Take a look at the spread and either take a little bit of the things you love or choose one dish to indulge in while keeping the rest healthy like veggies, fruits, hummus, salsa, etc.

Eat before you go so you are not starving.

Make a plate and walk away. Don’t stand by the food table.  Put a plate together for yourself and move on. It is very easy to over eat in these situations. I would say it is better to eat some wings, chili, whatever and then be done rather than graze the entire game.

Listen to your belly. If it is full, don’t continue to stuff it.

If you are drinking, yes those calories count. Look, you should have fun and enjoy and remember that it is only one day and one day doesn’t ruin a resolution to be fit. Just try your best to be mindful but don’t go crazy.

Reset your body the next day with some clean, healthy eating and you will find yourself continuing in the right direction.

Here are some recipe links below with some great ways to enjoy typical super bowl treats with less guilt.







Live Well!

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