Absolve Your Guilt Black Friday Workout

Absolve Your Guilt Black Friday Workout

Absolve Your Guilt Black Friday Workout



You don’t have to feel guilty today. Repent tomorrow with this workout.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn as usual and had time to get in a nice long workout. You can shorten it easily if you need to. After I had finished, I felt a lot better about the idea of sitting around all day, watching what will likely be terrible football games.

Below is the workout. I will do my best to post the workout I end up doing tomorrow but I fell down the stairs and busted up my arm so I am not sure what it will be. It may be push up free which I know you are sad about…


15 Push Up Burpees (drop down, push up and jump back up) – modify push up on knees if needed. Descending Repetitions

1 Plank Jack and Renegade Row (a row with both arms equals 1 rep) – modify Rows on knees if needed. Ascending Repetitions

15 Double Leg Drops with Chest FliesBend your knees when you lower your legs to modify. Descending Repetitions

1 Lunge Jump with Hammer Curls (1 on each leg equals 1 rep) – To modify just do a lunge on each leg without jumping in between. Do not swing the weights, control the curls. Ascending Repetitions

This is a circuit so you start with the 15 burpees, then do 1 plank jack and row, then 15 double leg drops with chest flies, finishing with 1 lunge jump with hammer curl. Then you go back to the burpees, doing 14 burpees, 2 plank jacks and rows, 14 double leg drops with chest flies and 2 lunge jumps with hammer curls. Continue the circuit until you finish counting down or up depending on the exercise.

Descending Repetitions: This means you are counting down, doing one less rep each round. 15, 14, 13….until you finish with 1 rep.

Ascending Repetitions: This means you are counting up, adding one more rep each round. 1, 2, 3….until you finish with 15

You end up doing 120 reps of each exercise!

Then I did 50 Triceps Kickbacks, 20 Static Single Arm Lying Triceps Overhead Extensions in a bridge (hips off the floor) holding one arm static, bent over my head and the other arm performing the exercise. Repeat immediately with other arm. 50 reverse abdominal crunches, held a plank for 1 minute and a side plank for 1 minute each side.

You can shorten the workout by starting with 10 reps instead of 15 or only do 2 of the exercises back and forth.


Renegade Rows

Double leg drops (add chest fly movement as the legs lift and lower)

Lunge Jumps and Hammer Curls
Burpees with push up
Live Well

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