Fuel That Workout and Reap the Benefits After!

Fuel That Workout and Reap the Benefits After!

Still not sure what you should you eat before and after your workouts? There are major benefits to fueling your body properly before and after your workout.

Your Pre-workout meal needs to fuel the muscles for the upcoming activity.This meal is largely dependant upon the time of the day that you work out.


AM Workout:liquid meal is often the best option as you won’t have a lot of time to digest the food before you hit the gym. Another is a piece of fruit or some bread and jam or peanut butter.

Afternoon/Evening workout: You can follow the same guide as the am workout, taking in this snack 15-20 minutes before your workout. Or, since you have more time to play with, a true meal 60-90 min before the workout is sufficient.

What: a carb/protein balance for energy. Nothing high in fat as it will likely make you feel too full.

  • Protein Shake
  • Banana with scoop of peanut butter
  • Yogurt (make sure you handle dairy durng your workout as some people cannot)
  • Banana and granola bar
  • Piece of toast or bread with peanut butter or jam
  • Dry cereal with fruit

Post workout fuel is important!

The post-workout meal serves to replenish muscular glycogen stores as well as to help provide the amino acids your muscles need to repair and rebuild themselves after being broken down through strength training activities. This meal will actually help your body burn more calories as it keeps your metabolism at peak performance. Your body burns more knowing it is not going into starvation mode.

When:try and consume this meal as soon as possible after your workout as there is a critical window of opportunity when the muscles are more receptive to taking in the nutrients.

What: Don’t skimp on carbs during this meal! If you fear carbs, you can rest assured that eating them immediately after a workout is the one time of the day when they will not be stored as body fat. You also need to eat a carb that will release into the bloodstream quickly like a piece of fruit.

Apple and Nut Butter Sandwiches

A great post-workout snacks is to smear almond butter on an apple — it’s the perfect combination of protein and fiber. Make the snack a little classier by cutting the apples into rings and using them as “bread” in a fruit and nut butter sandwich.

Live Well.

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