Hummus Recipe reposted

Hummus Recipe reposted

Don’t know what happened the first time I posted

Basic Recipe:

1 can chick peas

Fill 1/3 of the empty chick pea can with water and add

1 spoon of tahini

lemon juice to taste

garlic powder to taste

a few dashes of cayanne

blend all in food processor until smooth – add more water as needed.

You can take this and run with it. This week I made sweet potato hummus where I simply added a cooked sweet potato, used cumin and a dash of cinnamon. I’ve also made tomato basil humms, spicy hummus, spinach and artichoke hummus, red pepper hummus, white bean hummus (use white beans instead of chick peas, it is creamier), chunky veggie hummus (i processed zuchinni, spinach, and tomatos first and then added the basic recipe), and so on.

I do not use oil or salt.


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