Sad Face Workout

Sad Face Workout

Sad Face Workout

So, I got up at the crack to film a workout for you so it would be posted bright and early for you dedicated boot campers. Are you ready??

Well, Archer and I filmed our workout for you – it was great. I was sweaty. Archer was babbling. Then I went to finalize the video so I could download it and instead I formatted the memory stick aka erased the video.

Sad Face

I am sooooooooooooooooo bummed and truly annoyed with myself. In my defense I was up from 1:45 am until 3:30am and then Archer woke up at 4:45am. NO EXCUSES. I am really sorry.

Archer is in need of breakfast and general tending to – you may not be able to tell but he has thrown cheerios all over the floor and is giving me the stink eye.

wrap it up, mom

So here are some links to past workouts I’ve posted on You tube. I believe I am pregnant in them but hey – it is better than nothing. I apologize for my stupidity! Be ready for Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live Well.

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