Make Ahead Breakfast and Move of the Week

Make Ahead Breakfast and Move of the Week

Make Ahead Breakfast and Move of the Week

I have been make this recipe every week for months. As most of you know, I am in and out of places all day long and eat out of a cooler I keep in the car. I don’t have time every morning to prepare my food for the day so on Sundays, I take a little time to chop veggies, cut up fruit, make a few dishes and portion everything out.

My one year old is usually reaking havoc I mean ‘helping’ all the while but we make it work. It really is the best way to eat healthy on the go for me.

So this is an incredibly simple thing to make. It is basically mini omlets made with a muffin tin. You can add any veggies you like. You can add some sort of meat or cheese as well. If you just do veggies and you only fill each tin half way with egg whites as instructed, 6 would be about 100 calories. What I do is take 3 and wrap them together in foil so for 4 days a week I take a foil of 3 ‘egg patties’ and eat them with some fruit and raw veggies.  If you aren’t on the go like me I suggest eating 6 plus something else or put three patties on an english muffin or some healthy alternative. And yes, I eat them cold. If you are lucky enough to have a microwave or toaster oven available then you can warm them up if you choose. They last all week for me wrapped in foil.


Move of The Week: Seated Knee Pull-In for abdominals

It is very important that you support your back throughout the exercise by pulling your navel in toward your spine.

Sit on a bench, chair, etc. and either hold the bench by your sides, place your hands just behind you or lean back onto your elbows to modify the exercise.

Draw your knees into your chest as shown in pic.1. Slightly lean back as you extend your legs as in pic. 2.

You can also modify by extending one leg at a time.

Live Well.

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