Yum that won’t send the scale soaring…

Yum that won’t send the scale soaring…

Lately I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes that I’ve found on the web and tweaking them so they are Jana approved. I’ve been asked to share them so here you go


I made mine with shrimp but you can make it with Tofu, Chicken or beef as well. I also only used a pinch of sugar but you could omit it or use honey instead. I do not recommend using stevia as it adds a bit of an odd taste. I also used lime juice instead of the Tamarind paste. I made the squash ahead of time, let it cool, pulled it apart and put it in a container in the fridge which made everything go super fast when it came time to cook. The veggies I used were frsh green beans, mushrooms and scallions but you can use anything.



This tastes really good, I swear.

I washed the cauliflower and let it sit in a strainer over night in the fridge (on a towel) so it was dry when I needed to use it. You will see, the wy the recipe calls is quite a process and who has patience for that?


Here is another cauliflower pizza idea:



That is a good start. Since people are always asking me what I eat, I will start sharing recipes I try here on the blog. You will still be subjected to my no excuses fitness rants so no worries there.

Live Well.

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