Working out Is Child’s Play

Working out Is Child’s Play

Working out Is Child’s Play

Your kids don’t have to be an excuse not to workout. Just be a little creative. Read on to see the workout I did while pushing my son in the swing

Since my little guy is a baby, I stand in front of him and push him/pull him in the swing that way. You can easily adjust the workout to stand behind your child to push them in the swing. You can set a timer and do each exercise for a set time or you can choose a # of reps. I did 30 second intervals with 10 seconds rest to push the swing. I kept going through the circuit until my son started to fall asleep. It was about 17 mins and my heart rate was up and I was sweating.

Peek-a-boo squats: when he swings away from me I lower down into a squat and then when he swings toward me I stand tall and say “boo” – he loves peek-a- boo.

Scissor jumps in place: If you cannot jump just alternate tapping one foot behind you.

Skater “you can’t get me”: I stand to one side of the swing and when he swings back I perform a skater (jump to side and land in curtsey lunge with one leg crossed behind other) and say “you can’t get me.” I hold the lunge while he swings forward and repeat to other side as he swings back.

Squat Jumps Weeee: If you cannot jump, just squat at a fast pace.

Push Up, Push You: Perform push ups either on the ground, with hands on a bench or chair or against the swingset posts. I do a few and then pop up and give him a push.

Mountain Climb Mama: Do these with hands on the ground, a bench or chair or against the swingset post. You can also just high knee jog.

Lunge “I’m gonna get you”: I lunged forward toward him saying “I’m gonna get you” and then stepped back to start when he swung toward me and then repeated on the other leg, etc.

Mock Jump Rope: Pretend to jump rope any way you like. I chose to jump side to side.

Tricep Dips with Toe Touches: I placed a chair in front of the swing so I could perform tricep dips facing him. When he swung toward me I dipped down and raised my leg so I could tap his toes. I continued alternating legs. He thought it was hilarious.

There are many many more exercises you can do like this. I just kept going through the circuit until he was done. I was in my backyard and yes, I realize I probably looked like an idiot and if you go to the park, you may feel rediculous. But who cares?! I’d rather look like an idiot than skip a workout and regret it. It made the workout less painful having him laugh at/with me.



Live Well.

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