New Year, Same You.

New Year, Same You.

Let’s not get crazy here.

You want to make new year’s resolutions – I get it and good for you. But let’s be realistic. Why is it that by Feb 1st, the gym empties out and people are off track again? They set unattainable goals.

You can make changes in your life and set positive goals for your health but set attainable ones. Start with small steps and continue setting new goals for yourself as you reach the old ones.

Do not set your goals by weight. Saying “I will lose 10 lbs in a month,” is not an attainable goal nor is it something you can control. Instead set goals like, ” I will workout 4 times each week and I will keep a food diary to keep track of my calories for 1 month.” This is something you can control.

Stay tuned for tips on getting fit.


Live Well!



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