Put Your Treats Out of Reach

Put Your Treats Out of Reach

This may sound simple. If you don’t have self-control I suggest not bringing temptation food into the house. If it must be in the house for whatever reason or makes its way into your grocery bags somehow – put the temptations out of reach. I am talking a the back of a high shelf in a kitchen cupboard. This way if you really want it you have to get out the step ladder and climb up to the top, reach way in the back of the cupboard to get it. Hopefully you then take a hard look at your desperate self and realize that you really can do without it and make a better choice.

My other suggestion is to portion out these tempting treats so you stay within the limits and don’t risk going overboard into the “I might as well eat the rest of the Halloween candy so it is gone and I won’t be tempted to eat it anymore,” danger zone.

Be Strong.

Live Well.

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