Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge

Why do women seem to store fat everywhere? Why do men store their fat in the middle? What can you do to battle the bulge?It basically comes down to hormones. Most women store fat in their hips, thighs, breasts and butt due to estrogen dominance. Men have much less estrogen and these lower levels shifts fat storage to the middle.

Testosterone is a metabolic hormone which causes us ladies to be very jealous of a man who stops drinking soda for a month and drops significant weight while we watch every morsel of food without any reward from the scale.

During menopause, estrogen levels deplete which shifts fat storage to the middle (similar to men).

What can you do? Maintain a healthy lifestyle such as limiting caffeine consumption, manage stress, participate in interval training (weights and cardio), consume a diet rich in fruits, veggies, lean protein  and whole grains (limiting refined sugars) and get enough sleep. The key word is maintain. This means you should start NOW. If you are one of those people who can “eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce,” don’t wait until it is too late to begin. Thin people are not necessarily fit people. You can be thin and have a high body fat %.

The sooner you begin healthy habits, the sooner it will become a lifestyle. If you are already at an age where menopause has you in its grasp, don’t throw your hands up and curse the hormones. Do something about it. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and persevere.

Be Well.

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