Fat Burning Zone Exposed

Fat Burning Zone Exposed

Where did the idea of the Fat Burning Zone come from? 

It is accurate to say that your body is most efficient at burning fat at low steady state levels of exercise. So at this level, of the calories burned, most will be from fat. The problem is that you are not burning very many calories. I’ve explained before that it is the overall calorie burn that matters where weight loss is concerned.

Long, slow, steady state cardiovascular exercises is the least efficient thing we can do to burn fat. The whole Fat Burning Zone is one of the biggest scams out there.

Just to drive the point home, think of a marathon race. Aside from the elite athletes who cross the finish line first, the average runner is not usually super fit and probably carrying an extra 5,10, 20, etc. lbs. If they are training for 12 weeks, running between 12-20 miles at a clip, shouldn’t everyone look like the elite runners in front? The long steady state endurance training needed to complete the marathon is not an effective way to lose weight.

I am certainly not saying that you won’t be in good shape. Endurance is incredibly important. And I am not saying that you won’t drop a few lbs just from the added activity. I am just pointing out that it is not a very efficient way to lose weight.

I am a big fan of metabolic training. That is short intervals of intense workouts with limited rest. Not only are the incredibly effective, they are not very time consuming.

I will devote another post on metabolic training.

For now, stay away from the Fat Burning Zone and start actually burning fat.

Be Well.


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