Sweet On You

Sweet On You

Sweet On You

Avoiding foods that increase hunger can be an easy way to avoid extra calories. What are the biggest culprits? Synthetics sweeteners. These chemicals have a negative effect on stress hormones and insulin in your body. Now not all sweeteners are created equally and there is a lot of conflicting research out there on the actual degrees of negative effects each has. However, it is important to keep in mind that putting something that is chemically conceived into your body is just not natural and I highly suggest avoiding them.

Many studies that I have reviewed show that despite the fact that these artificial sweeteners contain no sugar, they still elevate insulin levels. When your insulin levels are elevated, it would be very difficult to lose weight. See, an elevation in insulin promotes fat storage in your body regardless of calories. This is why you need to avoid fat free foods (except for dairy products) as I have told you over and over.

One easy switch is Crystal Light. If you don’t like the taste of water and use Crystal Light to make your water more tasty, switch to the Pure Fitness flavors. Crystal Light has about 4 flavors that are sweetened naturally. The regular Crystal Light drinks and flavors are sweetened artificially and contain aspartame.  You can also try adding lemon juice to your water or a little pomegranate juice to give it some natural flavoring. 

When you bake, instead of using splenda, you can use natural sugar replacements such as natural applesauce, mashed banana, agave nectar, maple syrup, honey, etc. Or just cut the table sugar down a bit (if 2/3 cup is called for, use 1/2 cup).

Don’t sabotage yourself. Choose water, green tea, unsweetened chocolate, protein and fiber to stay on track.

Be Well.

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